Hi there! I am Rabin Shrestha WordPress enthusiast and Theme Developer from a beautiful country Nepal. Working and getting involved in WordPress has always been my hobby. And its not difficult to say that WordPress is my bread and butter.


I was born and raised in Chitwan. Got my primary education and higher secondary education in my home town. Soon I moved to the Capital city Kathmandu to fulfill my dream of Engineering. I joined Kantipur Engineering college to get my degree on Electronics and Communication but soon realized that this is not where I belong. It was in my college days where I got attracted towards Web Development and self leaned little bit about Joomla to create my own site. Till then I knew nothing about web. I created my first site on joomla on .co.cc domain using free web host. When the site was live I felt like I was in the top of the World. This was the moment when I decided that I was going to make my career in Web.

WordPress and Me

So after completing my bachelors degree I preferred to work as a PHP developer and joined CatchInternet where I was introduced to WordPress. Due to my immense enthusiasm to learn new things about web I quickly picked up the basics of WordPress and built test projects from scratch using WordPress. The more I learned the more I got into it. Soon I was working full time as a WordPress Developer. I was (I am) comfortable working on themes and plugins and enjoy every bit of it. Later I joined ThemeGrill as a Co-Founder/Lead Developer.

If you had any thing that you would like to share with me feel free to contact me. You can also follow me on Twitter and  Facebook